Projects by Research Area

Assessing sedimentary Blue Carbon to inform marine management *
Building a new window into coral and foraminiferal biomineralisation
Calming effect of group living in social fishes
Controls on organic carbon transport and burial in deep-sea basins in the Atlantic Ocean
Dissolved Organic matter subduction and transport along the east Greenland MArgin
Does organic carbon burial explain the ‘greenhouse’ to ‘icehouse’ transition?
Evolution of symbiosis in a warming world
Geochemical signatures of mantle magmatism in plume-ridge contexts: a long-distance relationship
Geological storage of CO2 in the Wessex Basin - Impact of metric to decametric heterogeneities in the Mercia Mudstone and Sherwood Sandstone Groups
How do foraminifera grow? Determining the role of cellular ion transport processes in biogenic marine calcite formation
In-situ management of nuclear site contaminants: harnessing electrokinetic approaches
Keeping up with ocean change: Using robots to push the envelope in ocean carbon observing *
Mapping the biological pump: ocean carbon storage from space to seafloor
Micro-AUVs for biogeochemical measurements
Reconstructing major volcanic eruptions from their deep-sea records *
Reconstructing the history of submarine volcanoes using sediment biogeochemistry and modelling
Southern Ocean Iron Supply: Does Size Fractionation Matter?
Tracking nutrient and metal exchange during Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement *
Understanding variability in Earth’s climate and magnetic field using new archives from the Iberian Margin