Projects by Research Area

Acquiring marine seismic/seismologic data using novel fibre-optic sensing *
Artificial intelligence at sea - can smart imaging systems tell us what’s happening in the marine ecosystem right now? *
Assessing the effects of microplastics on marine benthic communities
Assessing the sensitivity of oceanic methane hydrates to climate change
Atmospheric CO2 removal by Enhanced Rock Weathering: Geoengineering the silicate weathering thermostat
Challenging the limits of the AMOC’s latitudinal coherence
Combining acoustic and visual survey data through multimodal machine learning for wide area seafloor habitat classification *
Costa Rican subduction - connecting Earth’s deep water cycle to earthquake and volcanic hazard
Developing novel seismic methods to image the sub-seafloor structure of deep-ocean hydrothermal systems and their mineral deposits.
Earthquakes, Transforms, Mid Ocean Ridge-Understanding the Plate Tectonics beneath the oceans at the Equatorial Mid Atlantic Ridge
Environmental drivers of mixotrophy and its impact on the plankton metabolic balance
Evolution of Southern Ocean temperature and Antarctic circumpolar circulation
Exploring the role of turbulence and biological glue on marine snow formation
Geoengineering the removal and permanent storage of atmospheric CO2 via direct air capture and mineralisation of industrial waste.
How do corals make their skeletons? Insights from boron geochemistry
Investigating controls on the ocean’s biological carbon uptake via sinking particles
Investigating the ecology and biogeochemistry of the twilight zone, one of the least studied ecosystems on Earth
Joint elastic-electrical properties of clay-rich sediments with fluid-filled fractures
Keeping tabs on ocean acidification: Using novel technologies to monitor carbonate chemistry from polar to tropical waters *
Mathematical and computational modelling of the impact of viral infection of oceanic phytoplankton on the global carbon cycle
Microplastics and carbon sequestration: identifying links and impacts
New records of extreme Eocene warming events from the southern high latitudes
Photo crazy - can you use images to understand the ecology of the twilight zone?
Re-purposing of mine waste tailings for carbon dioxide removal via enhanced rock weathering *
Scale dependency of benthic biodiversity and ecosystem functioning *
Sedimentary “filters” for emerging contaminants in estuarine and coastal systems
Size matters: how does microplastic and nanoplastic size influence their abundance and toxicity in the aquatic environment?
Tasty or Toxic? Biogeochemistry of marine sediments in a warming ocean
Understanding rapid changes in Earth’s magnetic field: timing, spatial extent, and causes of geomagnetic spikes and excursions
WHALES: Water-column High-fidelity Active-monitoring using Low-cost Enhanced (space-time) Sampling *