Our Blue Planet

The ocean holds 97% of Earth’s water and produces over 50% of the oxygen we breathe; it feeds the world by producing 30% of global protein for 3 billion people every day, and absorbs 93% of excess heat generated by greenhouse warming. The ocean is essential to life on planet earth and yet we are facing a dramatic decline in ocean health, with human activity affecting sea levels, temperature and the millions of species that call the ocean home.

The National Oceanography Centre is a world leader in oceanographic science, research and innovation. Working in some of the remotest, deepest and most hostile parts of the ocean our scientists bring a greater understanding of issues that affect our environment, our landscapes, our health and our prosperity. With your support our scientists and engineers can continue to push the boundaries of knowledge and exploration to protect our oceans, our planet and our futures.

How your support helps

  • Understand

    Undertaking internationally excellent science to understand climate change and ocean health, and its effects on society.

  • Explore

    Using our innovative equipment and expertise to explore from coasts to deep ocean, as far below the surface as 6,500m.

  • Educate

    Developing the next generation of ocean scientists and educating people all over the world about ocean issues.