Our Blue Planet

The ocean is the largest, most connected, and vital ecosystem on earth.

It provides freshwater and oxygen, moderates our climate, influences our weather, supplies food, energy and medicines, provides jobs, and carries goods and people around the world.

Yet global warming, biodiversity loss and pollution are putting our oceans’ health at risk.

As the UK’s leading ocean science charity, we help to deliver a safe and sustainable ocean by delivering world-leading research, technological development and education.

Using the knowledge and insight we gather, our community of scientists works with decision makers from all over the world to understand the challenges our ocean faces, and initiate solutions to support ocean recovery.

Ocean conservation is only receiving 1% of charitable giving, and is the least funded area of philanthropy. This lack of investment means that vital work is going undone.

We need to act today if we are to understand our changing seas and develop a course of action that halts loss and generates recovery before it’s too late.

When we use ocean science to understand the ocean and its ecosystems, we are in a better position to know how to not only preserve it, but also to manage it to ensure that it is protected for the future.

Professor Ed Hill CBE, NOC Chief Executive

How your support helps

  • Under­stand

    Undertaking internationally excellent science to understand climate change and ocean health, and its effects on society.

  • Explore

    Using our innovative equipment and expertise to explore from coasts to deep ocean, as far below the surface as 6,500m.

  • Educate

    Developing the next generation of ocean scientists and educating people all over the world about ocean issues.