‘Flying Spaghetti Monster’

Bathyphysa conifera, Image: SERPENT Project © 2003–15

The NOC’s Daniel Jones identified this bizarre looking marine creature as a Siphonophore. It belongs to a group of aquatic animals that include corals and jellyfish, some specimens have reached lengths of 40m!

30 years of measuring sea level in the South Atlantic

Ascension Island tide gauge sensors

Measurements of global and regional sea level will soon include changes due to land movement in the South Atlantic.

NOC wins contract to improve UK flood warning system

Engineers carrying out tide gauge repairs

Engineers from the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) have been repairing and upgrading key instruments of the UK’s coastal flood warning system ahead of the winter, after winning a new contract from the Environment Agency.

Ocean Robot Boats Showcase at the National Oceanography Centre

C-Enduro (top) and AutoNaut

Two ocean-going unmanned vehicles designed for long endurance scientific research were showcased at the National Oceanography Centre to potential users from across the marine scientific community, defence industry and broader marine industries.

New method for measuring sea level rise

Tide gauge at Gladstone Lock, Liverpool

Scientists have developed a new method for revealing how sea levels might rise around the world throughout the 21st century to address the controversial topic of whether the rate of sea level rise is currently increasing.