Scientific and Environmental ROV Partnership using Existing Industrial Technology (SERPENT)

Do deep-sea fish migrate?

The DELOS project is well matched with the NOC’s deep-ocean observation programme.

The first documented seasonal migrations of fish across the deep-sea floor has been revealed in research published today, involving NOC authors.

NOC launches new collaborative platform for oil and gas industry

Oil and Gas collaboration

The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) has launched a new collaborative way of working with the oil and gas industry. NOC will provide innovative science and technology to enable industry to work safely and efficiently, with minimum impact on the marine environment.

‘Flying Spaghetti Monster’

Bathyphysa conifera, Image: SERPENT Project © 2003–15

The NOC’s Daniel Jones identified this bizarre looking marine creature as a Siphonophore. It belongs to a group of aquatic animals that include corals and jellyfish, some specimens have reached lengths of 40m!

NOC in The Deep

Professor Phil Weaver of the NOC delivers his speech

The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) and the SERPENT project have contributed to a major new exhibition at the Natural History Museum, which opened on Friday 28 May.