Coastal Hazards: Multi-hazard Controls on Flooding and Erosion (CHAMFER)

United Kingdom Coastal Research Conference

The United Kingdom Coastal Research Conference will showcase and celebrate the coastal research being undertaken within the UK. Principally focused on UK academics, organisations and institutions working on UK coastal science, the conference also welcomes research using overseas case studies that are of relevance to the UK.

Scientist Spotlight – Extreme weather science with Dr Kiko Calafat

Dr Kiko Calafat

Extreme sea-level events are an ever-growing threat to coastal communities across our planet due to rising seas. NOC scientists are at the cutting edge of research into why our sea-levels are rising, the likelihood of resulting extreme events and cutting-edge solutions to protect our coastlines.

Scientist Spotlight – Meet Ocean Modeller Dr Michela De Dominicis

Dr Michela De Dominicis in one of the coastal areas modelled in her work

Our pioneering Marine Systems Modelling (MSM) scientists develop and use innovative, state-of-the-art ocean models to better understand and predict how oceans work, addressing fundamental challenges in society.

Ambitious new collaborations will investigate biggest UK environmental challenges

Researchers will receive a total of £47 million to address some of the most critical environmental challenges facing the UK.