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NOC opens applications for West P&I Science Bursary

Adeola Dahunsi and Selasi Yao Avornyo (students in last year’s bursary programme) with NOC's Dr Ben Moat

The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) has opened applications for their Science Bursary in partnership with West P&I Club.

Maritime UK Week spotlight: meet Stewart Mackay, Captain of the RRS Discovery

For Maritime UK Week, we are sharing a recent video interview with Stewart Mackay, Captain of the RRS Discovery, who gives fascinating insight into his journey to becoming a captain, how a Royal Research Ship is run and some of his favourite memories at sea.

World Maritime Day spotlight: meet Rachel Astell, 3rd Officer, RRS Discovery

Rachel Astell, 3rd Officer, RRS Discovery

The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) provides world leading facilities to the whole UK marine research community through the National Marine Equipment Pool (NMEP), the largest centralised marine scientific equip­ment pool in Europe.

Scientist Spotlight – Dive into the Twilight Zone with Dr Adrian Martin

Dr Adrian Martin at sea

From its extraordinary creatures, to its crucial role in how the ocean takes up and stores carbon, the ocean’s Twilight Zone is a key research focus for scientists around the world.

National Oceanography Centre announces Jeremy Darroch as new Chair

Jeremy Darroch

The National Oceanography Centre (NOC), the global leader in ocean science and marine robotics, has appointed Jeremy Darroch, former Executive Chair of Sky as their new Chair of Board.

UK ocean research community secures global expert in robotics

Dr Maaten Furlong

The National Oceanography Centre (NOC), one of the world’s top ocean science organisations for research and innovation, has appointed a global expert in autonomous and robotics development to lead the UK’s national marine research facility.

Plastic-free July scientist spotlight – Meet a microplastics expert

Dr Mike Clare working in the NOC's British Ocean Sediment Core Research Facility (BOSCORF)

The visible effects of plastic entering the ocean are sadly all too clear to us now, but what about the plastic we can’t see?

International science bursary students join their first research expedition

The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) and the West of England P&I Club (West P&I) are proud to introduce Adeola Dahunsi and Selasi Yao Avornyo as the two students selected for the second year of our collaborative international bursary programme.

Mini boat built by Southampton students departs on RRS Discovery

The ‘KES Kraken’ with the RRS Discovery

A mini boat built by students from King Edward VI School in Southampton has made its maiden voyage from the city on the world-class research ship, RRS Discovery as part of a project coordinated by the National Oceanography Centre (NOC).