Fastest underwater flow on Earth created by the most explosive volcanic eruption ever recorded

The Hunga volcano eruption the day before the main explosions. Image: Taaniela Kula, Tonga Geological Services
  • New research led by NOC has shown how the massive Hunga volcano eruption in 2022 triggered the fastest underwater flows ever recorded.

Scientist Spotlight – Studying Volcanic Eruptions with Dr Izzy Yeo

Dr Izzy Yeo in Tongariro National Park in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Volcanic eruptions are one of the major natural hazards on our planet. Not only do they pose risks to people and property in surrounding communities, but they can damage critical infrastructure including the subsea telecommunications cables that support 99% of our digital communications globally.

The planet’s largest landslides happen on submarine volcanoes

Large volume submarine landslides, triggered by the inception and growth of submarine volcanoes, represent among the largest mass movements of sediment on Earth’s surface.