In situ sustained Eulerian observatories

Lampitt, R.S.; Favali, P.; Barnes, C.R.; Church, M.J.; Cronin, M.F.; Hill, K.L.; Kaneda, Y.; Karl, D.M.; Knap, A.H.; McPhaden, M.J.; Nittis, K.A.; Priede, I.G.; Rollin, J-F.; Send, U.; Teng, C-C.; Trull, T.W.; Wallace, D.W.R.; Weller, R.A..


In situ sustained Eulerian observatories.

In: Hall, J.; Harrison, D.E.; Stammer, D., (eds.)
Proceedings of OceanObs’09: Sustained Ocean Observations and Information for Society, Vol. 1.

Noordwijk, The Netherlands, European Space Agency, 395-404.

(ESA Special Publication, WPP-306).

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