Year of Autonomy workshop – ‘Societal Acceptance’ hosted by ASV Global

C-Enduro autonomous surface vehicle

The finale to the series of Year of Autonomy workshops will focus upon the factors that affect the acceptance of autonomous robotic systems within society, both now and in the future. The programme, hosted by ASV Global, will feature speakers from across industry, academia and government, each sharing their insights and observations.

This event will be held at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton. The session will take place on Thursday 1 March starting at 10am and includes refreshments and lunch. Tickets cost £30 per person including VAT.

Speakers are currently being invited for this session. For further details and to express an interest in presenting, please email

About the ‘Year of Autonomy’

2017 was the ‘Year of Autonomy’, which saw a series of events all with the common aim of bringing together innovators and end-users of autonomous and robotic systems from across the marine, land and aerospace sectors to address the key challenges and share learning, and to help further develop cross-sector collaboration.


  • Improve industry access to information on cross-sector challenge areas
  • Shared understanding of research base and industry approaches to issues they have in common across the autonomy landscape
  • Development of cross-sector industry collaborative projects and programmes
  • Engage funders and other stakeholders on the key challenge areas
  • Create a recognised South Coast Cluster of Excellence for autonomy


  • Hold five workshops on the common key challenge areas
  • Develop a roadmap of capabilities and challenge areas
  • Engage Funders (traditional and end-user community)
  • Horizon scan funding landscape for further opportunities

For more details on previous Year of Autonomy events, and to obtain reports from previous workshops, visit our Conference pages.

Event dates: 
Thursday 1 March 2018 - 10:00