Two Royal Society Arctic Sea Ice Meetings

An ice drifter being deployed in the Greenland Sea, March 2000

Next week there will be two meetings entitled ‘Arctic sea ice reduction: the evidence, models, and global impacts’, held under the auspices of the Royal Society, organised by Prof Daniel Feltham (U Reading), with Dr Sheldon Bacon (NOC), Dr Mark Brandon (Open University) and Professor (Emeritus) Julian Hunt FRS.

The first meeting will be held at the Royal Society on Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 September, and will explore the recent, rapid Arctic sea ice reduction. To be discussed are: the evidence for change, the inability of our climate models to predict these changes, the processes responsible for sea ice reduction and improved representation of these processes in climate models, and the impacts of sea ice change on local and global weather and climate.

The second ‘satellite’ meeting will follow directly from the first, on Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 September, at the Kavli Royal Society International Centre, Chicheley Hall, Buckinghamshire. The satellite meeting will host presentations and discussion of the latest scientific developments in sea ice observation, model simulations, theory, and impacts on weather and climate. This also includes the polar ocean and atmosphere as they are affected by sea ice. The satellite meeting offers a more informal forum for discussion among scientists. Speakers at these meetings include many of the highest-profile scientists working on the Arctic sea ice and climate system today.

Mark Brandon and Sheldon Bacon intend to tweet from these meetings using the hashtag #RSArctic14, from Mark Brandon (@icey_mark) and Sheldon Bacon (@sheldonbacon), with the Royal Society (@royalsociety).