SOLSTICE-WIO Webinar Series – Marine technologies for ocean sustainability

Registration is now open for the SOLSTICE-WIO Webinar Series “Interdisciplinary research for the sustainable management of the marine environment, climate change and food security: Case Studies from the Western Indian Ocean” which will be held as a programme of Zoom events over four Mondays in November.

SOLSTICE-WIO is a four-year collaborative project, led by NOC and funded by the UK Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF). Launched in October 2017, it has brought together recent advances in marine technologies, local knowledge and research expertise to address challenges of sustainable management of the marine environment, food security and climate change facing the Western Indian Ocean region. As SOLSTICE-WIO is coming to an end, project researchers from the WIO countries and the UK have produced a series of presentations based on their work. These presentations highlight project successes in research, stakeholder engagement, communication, and science into policy.

NOC project director Dr Katya Popova said “The pandemic has meant that it is not possible to host an end of project meeting in the WIO region, but it has presented the opportunity to expand our audience and communicate this exciting research to a global audience.”

Details of the final webinar of the series are as follows:

29th November (24pm EAT / 13pm SAST / 11am1pm GMT):
Marine technologies for ocean sustainability and the Massive Open Online Course “Ocean Science in Action”

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Event dates: 
Monday 29 November 2021 - 11:00 to 13:00