SMMR Annual Conference 2023

The Sustainable Management of UK Marine Resources (SMMR) programme is addressing critical marine research gaps. These gaps span a variety of disciplines, from natural capital to ocean literacy and systems-based management.

SMMR is working to break down barriers between science and policy and integrate disciplines, in order to form new marine research teams and build a strong research base to support decision-making within the UK Exclusive Economic Zone.

The transdisciplinary SMMR Annual Conference 2023 will bring together members of the UK marine science community, funders, policy makers and practitioners, with the aim of promoting and communicating research, policy and impact excellence.

NOC representation at the SMMR Conference 2023

Talks and workshops

Dr Laurent Amoudry will present a talk and co-host a workshop from the Resilient Coasts: Optimising Co-Benefit Solutions – greening the grey in coastal and shoreline management (Co-Opt) project. The Co-Opt project will deliver a new integrated and interdisciplinary system-based framework that will provide the evidence towards a transition from hard ‘grey’ defences to softer ‘green’ solutions.

Dr Clive Neil will present a talk on mapping seagrass in Scilly islands from satellite data.

Poster sessions

Dr Laurent Amoudry will present a poster from the UK Coastal Hazards, Multi-hazard Controls on Flooding and Erosion (CHAMFER) project. CHAMFER will develop new and essential knowledge and understanding by bringing together teams from NOC, UKCEH and BGS to determine how multi-hazards at the coast control coastal flooding and erosion, to quantify how these multi-hazards will respond to climate change and coastal management, and to provide advice to stakeholders on coastal management and adaptation options.

Dr Jo Hopkins will present a poster from the Climate change in the Arctic – North Atlantic region and impacts on the UK (CANARI) project. CANARI is understanding how extreme weather will impact the UK and be shaped by climate change.

Also attending from NOC are: Prof. John Huthnance, Dr Amani Becker, Sarah Taylor, Dr Tom Prime and Dr Claire Evans

Event dates: 
Tuesday 16 May 2023 - 09:00 to Thursday 18 May 2023 - 18:00