Sea City Lectures – 8 March 2012

Iceberg (courtesy Ben Moat, National Oceanography Centre)

Icebergs on the high seas – in times gone by and in a changing world –

Talk by Dr Bob Marsh, Physical Oceanographer, National Oceanography Centre

This talk addresses the scientific and historic importance of icebergs, ranging from evidence for ‘iceberg armadas’ in the distant past, through the story of the iceberg that sank RMS Titanic 100 years ago, to the present role of Greenland’s icebergs in a warming world.

For the past year, Bob has been leading a research project to include icebergs in complex computer models of the oceans and climate, so that we can more fully understand their life cycle and how this might affect us as the planet warms.

Venue: Westgate Hall, Westgate Street, SO14 2AY. 19:30–20:30 – (£3.50 FOSMAG, SCMAS, Arts & Heritage volunteers)

To book please call: 023 8083 4536 – Advance booking is highly recommended

This talk is part of the Southampton Arts and Heritage programme.