RRS James Cook cruise 060

James Cook at sea

On 9 May 2011, the RRS James Cook set sail from Govan, Glasgow, on a 34-day expedition to study seabed habitats and sedimentary processes in the North-East Atlantic Ocean.

The team, which combines scientists, technicians and crew from five different institutes, aim to:

  • Investigate different benthic biotopes, including the physical environment and faunal communities
  • Identify the extent of human impacts on those habitats, especially from deep-sea trawling activities
  • Illustrate the effect of protection measures in the area.

The work is focused on Rockall Trough, Rockall Bank and Hatton Basin: areas that have a rich variety of seafloor habitats, but that are also notorious for harsh weather conditions that can make the work at sea a challenge.

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