NOC’s innovations team releases new tidal prediction cloud software

The National Oceanography Centre’s (NOC) innovations team has released a new enhanced version of its offshore tidal prediction software, ‘Polpred’.

The software uses a large number of highly accurate and scientifically validated ocean models to produce the best possible predictions of tidal currents and heights offshore., thus enabling offshore operators to plan their operations with more confidence and help to reduce safety concerns.

Windows versions of Polpred have been available for many years and has become a well-established tool adopted by many offshore operators for its unrivalled accuracy. The latest version has a greatly improved look and functionality that vastly improves the user experience, boasting new features including the ability to remember and bookmark the operators most frequently used geographical locations and quicker access to enhanced resolution models. Additionally, Polpred is now accessible via a browser without the need to install any software or be limited to a single device to use it.

Layton Quinton, Head of NOC’s Marine Information Products and Services, said: “We are seeing a definite shift in customer requirement, with an increased focus on flexibility and ease of access to information from any device which our new version delivers. Later this year we will be adding further layers of ocean data and are looking at additional parameters, including bathymetry and real-time surge information.  We are also very keen to learn from customers what kind of information and new features would be most useful to them. We see this as an evergreen product that will continue to develop.”

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