NOC win Equality, Inclusivity & Diversity Initiative Award

The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) is delighted to have won the Equality, Inclusivity & Diversity Initiative Award at the Hampshire Business Awards 2023.

The Award acknowledges businesses that have shown leadership in promoting diversity in all its forms, providing equal opportunities, and fostering an inclusive environment for all. It recognises those who’ve made a significant impact in championing equality, inclusivity, and diversity and serves as a role model for others to follow.

NOC won on the collective ‘one NOC’ success of its internal Unite in Pride 2023 campaign, spearheaded by a planning group from the Culture Club, which comprises over 50 colleagues who volunteer to work together to create a sense of belonging for all staff.

Across all four sites, from ships to shore, NOC proudly hosted its inaugural Progress flag-raising event during Pride Month, a global celebration of LGBTQIA+ rights and achievements, and a poignant reminder of the ongoing fight for equality. NOC’s active participation in this celebration underscores the pivotal role diversity plays in propelling innovation and progress across diverse fields, such as academia, oceanography, and engineering.

The flag-raising event was a powerful moment of connection, uniting LGBTQIA+ staff and allies in a resounding message of solidarity. This spirit extended throughout the month, with the creation and sharing of various resources, including staff-authored blogs, posters, and educational materials.

Natalie Campbell, NOC Associate Director, said “I’m incredibly proud NOC has been acknowledged as making a significant impact in championing equality, inclusivity, and diversity. NOC is committed to creating a culture of equality and respect within NOC and the wider community”.

On hearing the news Professor Ed Hill, NOC Chief Executive, commented, “I am delighted the National Oceanography Centre was selected as winner in the equality, inclusivity, and diversity category of the 2023 Hampshire Business Awards. At NOC we have been making significant efforts in this area because it is the right thing to do and is fundamental to achieving our mission to advance deeper understanding of the ocean so all living things on our planet can thrive. A culture of diversity, inclusivity and equality is the key to unlocking the innovation, richness of perspectives and thought and in enabling all our people to succeed and do great work in effective cross-sectoral teams working both within NOC and with partners across the world. My thanks go to all those across NOC who continue to work so hard to take us even further on this important journey”.

NOC thrives because of the dedication and talent of its people, who work collectively towards its purpose. Their dedicated and diverse teams, including scientists, engineers, researchers, and support staff, forms the core of the organisation. NOC’s People & Culture 2020/25 Strategy continues to commit it to high standards of employee engagement, making employee wellbeing a priority and ensuring that its people work in an environment that respects and appropriately rewards them. This forms part of NOC’s wider Sustainability and Social Responsibility Strategy.