NOC supports Marine Autonomy Challenge

2 meter catamaran on the sea

The Society of Maritime Industries (SMI) announced this week the launch of their inaugural Marine Autonomy Challenge which aims to encourage young technologists and develop careers that will contribute to the future of the UK’s MAS industry. The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) is proud to support this exciting endeavour alongside other leading marine technology innovators and experts.

Aidan Thorn, NOC’s Marine Robotics Innovation Centre Manager and member of SMI’s MASG Council, said, “The future of the marine and maritime industry is dependent on the skills being developed in universities today. This is a truly exciting industry in which to work and the global economy and our future wellbeing is increasingly dependent on work going on in the ocean. The development of marine autonomous systems will have an important role to play in how we explore the seas and the Marine Autonomy Challenge will give students a great opportunity to compete in a competition that could provide them with valuable experience as well as exposure to potential future employers.”

MAChallenge2021 is open to teams of students studying at UK universities. The first phase involves a video submission and the finals take place in November this year. Each qualifying team will be provided with an industry simulator to enable them to build the autonomous behaviours required to achieve a series of challenges. These will be carried out using a 2m catamaran that has been specially designed, built and equipped for MAChallenge – a cash prize of £2000 awaits the winning team. Our aim is to bring on the next generation of marine technologists and to encourage development and take-up of marine autonomous systems technologies in the UK.

You can find out more details on the MAChallenge 2021 website.