NOC at the SMMR Annual Conference 2024

The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) will be represented at the Third Annual Conference for the Sustainable Management of UK Marine Resources (SMMR) from 14th – 16th May 2024. 

This transdisciplinary conference brings together members of the UK marine science community, funders, policy makers and practitioners including representatives from the two NOC projects on the SMMR network:

Resilient Coasts: Optimising Co-Benefit Solutions – greening the grey in coastal and shoreline management (Co-Opt)
NOC attendees: Laurent Amoudry, Costas Matsoukis, Amani Becker and Marta Payo Payo

Restoration of Seagrass for Ocean Wealth (ReSOW)
NOC Attendees: Claire Evans, Sarah Driscoll, Tobias Ferreira and Clive Neil

NOC will also be running the following workshop:

CoOpt + Diverse Values: Communicating Climate Change Workshop
An inherent challenge of climate change research is the ability to communicate scientific information to non-specialist audiences. Tailoring information for various audiences, including policy makers and members of the public involves utilising a range of methods and techniques to ensure that the message is received effectively. This workshop aims to synthesise the learning from the SMMR projects about the best strategies to communicate and engage with communities about coastal protection decisions, as well as to reflect more broadly on the experiences and expectations of researchers tasked with communicating and disseminating their research.