NOC – open for business at Ocean Business 14–16 April

Ocean Business at NOC

International marine science firms are choosing April’s Ocean Business event as the key venue for exploring ventures with the National Oceanography Centre’s scientists and technologists.

NOC is building a portfolio of collaborations with marine industries that includes support for research and development, licensing of its developed technology, and programmes to access the expertise and knowledge of this world-leading centre.

Kevin Forshaw, NOC’s Associate Director, Innovation and Enterprise explained: “The potential for business is huge. We regularly hold forums where we brief manufacturers and suppliers on the support we can give them for their research and development into new products and services. NOC is a hub for innovation and development.

“Sometimes they have a technical challenge that needs a solution, or they can partner with us for collaborative research and development that leverages out expertise and testing facilities. We are collaborating with businesses, both small and large, locally and internationally to take the outputs of our research and apply them for positive socio-economic impact – creating new jobs and exports, and ultimately a greater understanding of the ocean environment for the population at large”.

Visitors to the show will see evidence of the £3 million, which has been invested into a marine autonomous robotics innovation centre with building now underway. NOC’s renowned Autosub fleet has been complemented with 30 gliders and two robotic surface vehicles that were designed and built for NOC science by two local companies.

Kevin continued: “The opportunities for collaboration go far beyond technical developments in vehicles and the sophisticated sensor packages they carry. From satellite data to sea levels, from ocean circulation to carbon capture and storage, NOC’s knowledge exchange programmes are providing expert input and information about the marine environment.”

As one of the world’s leading research centres NOC’s people are working at the forefront of technological and academic development, tackling some of the most challenging global questions facing the marine environment.

NOC is also assisting with the generation of a thriving economy. The marine and maritime sectors contribute £35bn to UK GDP. In the Solent region alone these sectors account for 5% of private sector jobs. In the high-tech marine industries this business is set to grow.