NOC calls for commercial partner to exploit sensor technologies

Working on sensors

The National Oceanography Centre is seeking commercial partners to exploit its state-of-the art platform technology incorporating lab-on-chip microfluidic techniques.

The technology is expected to be of interest to companies currently involved in the manufacture and sale of water quality sensors for freshwater, estuarine and ocean applications. End users are anticipated to be the scientific, aquaculture, shipping, industrial water processing and freshwater regulator markets.

The benefits of in situ lab-on-chip microfluidic cell technology arise from having a platform/sensor that can measure a variety of chemistries in situ providing accurate data that can be downloaded in near real time. The technology will enable users to collect data on platforms with minimal payload/power requirement without having to take samples back to the laboratory which is costly and increases risks of sample contamination.

Now mature (TRL 7 or 8), the technology is protected with patents, published widely and is delivering data for NERC (e.g., NERC macronutrient cycles programme through grant NE/J012238/1), EU and industry programmes.

Head of Ocean Technology and Engineering at the NOC, Professor Matt Mowlem, commented, “The NOC is looking to identify the best partner or partners to take our sensor technology to new markets. We believe this opportunity has global appeal and has the potential to enable those involved to grow their manufacturing capability, enhance their product portfolio, and deliver value to customers. We hope that is will also stimulate growth in the sector and create new jobs.”

Companies wishing to be considered for partnering will need to make an expression of interest by 30 October 2016 and will then be invited to the Marine Autonomy and Technology Showcase at the NOC in Southampton (14-18 November) and asked to complete a Request For Information and Request For Proposal after mutual non-disclosure agreements are signed. A maximum of five companies will be selected to proceed to the next round where they will be evaluated by a panel in early December.

Interested companies should provide the following information to NOC Business Development Manager, Aidan Thorn, by 30 October:

  1. Appropriate technical and production capabilities

  2. Global sales and marketing capabilities

  3. Brief resumes of the key personnel who will be involved
Event dates: 
Thursday 13 October 2016 - 09:45