Measurement Systems for 21st Century Oceanography

18th October


As part of its ongoing community consultation, the Future Marine Research Infrastructure programme (FMRI) is seeking to understand the gaps in measurement technologies (specifically sensors and instrumentation) for autonomous science missions and how FMRI can support research and industry partners to close these. The virtual workshop builds on the outcomes of an invitation-only event focusing on biogeochemical (BGC) measurements and biological measurements.

There is an imperative to measure the ocean in greater detail if we are to chart a sustainable future on this planet. The Net-Zero Oceanographic Capability Scoping Study (2021) commissioned by NERC therefore undertook a detailed review of the sensor systems and networks that will be needed to meet anticipated marine science priorities. The Future Marine Research Infrastructure (FMRI) Programme is continuing this engagement to shape NERC’s strategic investment in measurement technologies that enable new and different science.

The FMRI Programme, in partnership with the National Oceanography Centre and Defra, is convening two workshops to consider the challenges and opportunities in Measurement Systems for 21st Century Oceanography. The first event is bringing together a diverse set of perspectives to challenge established thinking and stimulate fresh ideas. The second event on 18th October 2023 will share these initial outcomes and provide all interested stakeholders with the opportunity to contribute to the discussion.

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Event dates: 
Wednesday 18 October 2023 - 13:30 to 15:30