Marking Earth Day with Thin Ice

Thin Ice release

The film Thin Ice – The Inside Story of Climate Science was released on Monday 22 April. The launch coincides with Earth Day, a global campaign to raise awareness of environmental issues and climate change.

The motivation behind Thin Ice was to give people from all walks of the life the chance to see the astonishing range of human activity, as well as scientific endeavour, that is required to help us understand our changing climate.

The idea was that we would then be better able to decide both individually and collectively how we might deal with it.

The Thin Ice project began over a cup of coffee at a Climate Change and Governance conference in Wellington in March 2006. Professor Peter Barrett (VUW) suggested to Dr Simon Lamb (Oxford University) that he make a film about it with his friend David Sington (DOX Productions).

Thin Ice is a joint initiative between Oxford University, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (VUW), and London-based DOX Productions. Both Universities have active programmes with worldwide networks of collaborators in climate change and related research.

National Oceanography Centre research also contributes to global knowledge on climate change and related issues. We seek to understand how the oceans both moderate and drive climate variability and how climate variability impacts marine ecosystems, as well as the environmental impact of mitigation techniques such as low carbon technology.

On Monday 22 April Thin Ice was screened at research institutes across the world. From 24 April the film is available to download for a small fee.

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