Marine Competitions Consortia/Networking Event – Southampton

Knowledge Transfer Network

Tuesday, 16 September 2014 from 09:30 to 16:00 (BST), National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

This event, run by the Knowledge Transfer Network’s Transport team and hosted by the National Oceanography Centre, will provide delegates with information on the up-coming Technology Strategy Board competitions in Maritime Autonomous Systems (opening in October 2014) and the Vessel Efficiency III competition (expected in January 2015).

As well as an indication of scope and timelines for the competitions, delegates will hear from co-funders dstl, previous competition winners, and get insight into the competition process including how to address Intellectual Property in consortia. There is also good opportunity for networking including an opportunity to present a short ‘elevator pitch’. Further information on the event and registration details can be found here.

Unique networking opportunities

Throughout the refreshments area will be a display of the NOC AUVs and Gliders, and unmanned surface vehicles from the Marine Autonomous & Robotic Systems (MARS) group fleet alongside a display about the new Innovation Centre that will open in Spring 2015.