Global technology company ION joins the Innovation Centre

ION Geophysical

The NOC Marine Robotics Innovation Centre has announced that ION is joining its thriving community of partners.

ION is a global technology company that delivers data-driven decision-making for offshore energy, ports and maritime operations, and defence industries. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with a Marine Technology Centre in New Orleans, Louisiana, they also have a significant UK presence with a 130 strong team in Edinburgh who develop the company’s survey navigation and operations management platforms and a group in Chertsey focused on data processing and interpretation of seismic data sets for subsurface imaging.

ION’s maritime technology expertise lies in sensor R&D, hydrodynamic control, survey systems integration and multi-platform command and control. Previously focused on offshore oil and gas exploration these capabilities are highly relevant to scientific research, oceanographic survey, maritime operations and defence sectors. In recent years ION has taken part in industry events hosted by the NOC and last year presented at MATS on their experiences working with partners to demonstrate a multisystem threat detection and mitigation system for port security.

Dave Gentle, ION’s VP Business Development, commented: “We are delighted to be joining the Marine Robotics Innovation Centre and to have the opportunity to engage with the NOC community. We continue to see rapid innovation in the marine technology sector together with evolving global economic drivers. ION is well placed to collaborate with potential partners, contribute with our capabilities and play a role in this technology and business evolution.”

Aidan Thorn, Innovation Centre Manager, said: “I was introduced to ION and their work through their involvement as exhibitors and speakers at previous Marine Autonomy and Technology Showcase events. We’ve had a number of exploratory conversations over the past year and it’s clear that there will be great benefit from ION and the NOC working together going forward. I look forward to exploring this further through this new partnership.”

The announcement of this new partnership with ION follows news over the summer that Cellula Robotics, Wight Ocean, and Abyssal had all partnered with the Marine Robotics Innovation Centre – where science meets business, bringing together a range of industries to develop the next generation of marine autonomous technology.