ASV takes space in Marine Robotics Innovation Centre

C-Enduro, which was developed by ASV within a NOC managed project

World leading Autonomous Surface Vehicle manufacturer, ASV, announced today that it will be taking space in the Marine Robotics Innovation Centre to facilitate its ongoing partnership with NOC on a number of projects.

Kevin Forshaw, Associate Director, Innovation and Enterprise at NOC said “We are very pleased to welcome ASV into the Innovation Centre here - a company at the leading edge of Autonomous Surface Vehicle development for an emerging global market. We are already collaborating with ASV on several different R&D projects, looking to development highly innovative platforms and systems for use by a variety of end–users in Science & Survey, Oil & Gas, Defence and other offshore industries. Having representatives from the company on site, will only increase the opportunity for further collaboration in the future, and we welcome this wholeheartedly.”

“Working closely with NOC has been very important for us as we’ve moved into the science and research industry. We are delighted to have a presence at the Innovation Centre as our long standing partnership continues and together we develop solutions for a variety of global markets” said Dan Hook, Managing Director, ASV.

ASV is a leading manufacturer of Unmanned and Autonomous Marine Systems with specialist expertise and experience in vehicle design, build, operation and maintenance. ASV provides solutions for commercial, defence and scientific applications in the UK and across the globe.