anyTide App goes Global

anyTide App

The National Oceanography Centre’s anyTide app now includes free comprehensive tide information for over 1000 coastal points worldwide.

Available on both iOS and Android, the app provides instant free access to tide data across the globe, and tide and current data for the whole of the UK coast.

anyTide was first released by the NOC in 2013, with information on UK currents added in 2015. The 2019 update is a result of work funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office under the Commonwealth Marine Economies Programme, and will grant free access to the app information for Central and Eastern Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago, Aruba and Curacao, Southwest Pacific, Madagascar and Mauritius.

anyTide combines observation data with model data to produce tidal height and current predictions. Pins in the app show the locations of tide gauges that are part of the Global Extreme Sea Level Analysis (GESLA). This comprises tide gauge networks from 27 different countries.

A computer model fills the gaps between the coastal observation points and also simulates tidal currents. This model was developed at the NOC, building on a long history of tidal prediction in Liverpool. It resolves the northwest European shallow seas to features as small as 1.8 km.

Full-year predictions of tides and currents are available free for 21 days, and for just 79p for a whole year, and the app can be used on and off-line.