7th UK Young Coastal Scientists and Engineers Conference 2011

YCSEC 2011

We would like to invite you to attend the 7th UK Young Coastal Scientists and Engineers Conference to be held at the National Oceanography Centre, Liverpool on 30–31 March 2011.

Rationale for YCSEC

Research on coastal physical processes in the UK occurs under a variety of different disciplinary labels, including oceanography, geography, geology and engineering. As a result, the coastal research community is fragmented and there is limited interaction and collaboration between the different disciplines. This lack of integration is most acutely felt by young coastal researchers (post-docs and PhDs), who, ironically, are most open to multi- and interdisciplinary interactions. To promote the development of a more integrated UK coastal research community, the first Young Coastal Scientists and Engineers Conference (YCSEC) was organised in Nottingham in 2005 and has become an annual event travelling the UK. Locations visited include Southampton, Plymouth, Oxford, Lancaster and London.

This 7th YCSEC builds on the success of the previous meetings and aims to bring together young researchers and practitioners from different disciplines, but all concerned with physical coastal processes. Young researchers will be given the opportunity to discuss and present their work, either orally or in the form of a poster, in a relatively informal setting. Prizes will be awarded to the best presentation and poster. Tim Cheshire form HR Wallingford will present a keynote lecture. In addition to the formal elements of the meeting, there will be ample opportunity to socialise and network during a conference dinner and field excursion.

Who should attend?

The conference is aimed at young coastal scientists and engineers concerned with physical coastal processes. These include post-graduate students and post-doctoral researchers in universities, junior researchers in government agencies and junior engineers/scientists in private companies.


The cost for attending the conference, including icebreaker lunch, conference diner, CD of abstracts and field trip, will be £60, but the final cost will depend on how successful we will be in obtaining sponsorship. Unfortunately, we cannot centrally book the accommodation and you will have to make your own arrangements.

Further information

For further information, please contact the YCSEC’11 organiser, Dr Jenny Brown (jebro@noc.ac.uk). We look forward to seeing you in Liverpool.


The conference will br sponsored by the National Oceanography Centre and the following organisations:


Event dates: 
Wednesday 30 March 2011 - 00:00 to Thursday 31 March 2011 - 00:00