28 January 2014 – Liverpool Marine Symposium

RRS Discovery passing the Liver Building, Liverpool

Liverpool Marine Symposium: a day exploring the science of coastal and shelf seas and their links with the global ocean

Presentations at the symposium from scientists at NOC and the University of Liverpool will consider aspects of physics, biogeochemistry and ecosystems, and their interactions with the wider Earth System.

It is nearly 10 years since the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, under the leadership of Prof Ed Hill, moved onto the University of Liverpool campus, although our joint history and collaboration stretches back much further. Now, as part of the National Oceanography Çentre, we wish to celebrate the unique achievements of marine science at Liverpool as well as looking to a successful future of collaboration. The new NERC Shelf Seas BioGeoChemistry Programme will involve field work and modeling across both organisations and will make 2014 a busy year. We are organising a one-day informal symposium to discuss recent developments in marine science, to take place in the Foresight Centre, on Tuesday 28 January 2014. This will consist of a series of short (15 minute) talks, together with posters and a keynote talk by Prof Jonathan Sharples.

Date and time: Tuesday 28 January 2014, 08.30–18.30

Venue: Foresight Centre, Brownlow Street, Liverpool L69 3GL (opposite the National Oceanography Centre, Joseph Proudman Building).

No attendance charge, tea, coffee and lunch will be provided.

Organisers: Judith Wolf, Jason Holt, Kevin Horsburgh, Hannah Buckland and Louise O’Boyle.

For information contact: Linda Ravera, National Oceanography Centre, 6 Brownlow Street, Liverpool – Telephone: (Direct line) 0151 795 4845 – Switchboard: 0151 795 4800