1st International Workshop on Waves, Storm Surges and Coastal Hazards

1st International Workshop on Waves, Storm Surges & Coastal Hazards

Together with research institutes at home and abroad, the NOC is organising the 1st International Workshop on Waves, Storm Surges and Coastal Hazards.

This event, to be held in Liverpool between 11–15 September, will bring together scientists working in these three specialisms for a combined workshop aimed at increasing international collaboration and cooperation on these global challenges. This inaugural workshop will incorporate the 15th international workshop on wave hindcasting and forecasting, the third JCOMM scientific and technical symposium on storm surges and the sixth coastal hazard symposium.

The five-day event will see discussions between researchers from across the world on topics including, the forecasting, measuring and modelling of coastal hazards and waves, as well as looking into how they may change with the climate.

Addressing the challenges of coastal hazards is becoming increasingly urgent, with implications for coastal nations, not least the UK where storm surge flooding is the natural disaster most responsible for social and economic disruption. Furthermore, this risk will change will sea-level rise.

NOC scientists will be presenting on ‘tools for coastal adaption to sea-level rise’, ‘the impact of climate change on waves in North West Europe’ and ‘storm wave impact on the UK coast’.

Researchers at: the Liverpool Institute for Sustainable Coasts and Oceans, the Taylor Engineering Research Institute at the University of North Florida, Environment and Climate Change Canada, and the WMO-IOC Joint Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology are also seeking to address these issues and are joint sponsors of the workshop.

Bringing together the knowledge of these world leading research institutes will provide the opportunity for research priority discussion, project coordination and knowledge sharing – in particular recent advances in wind, wave and storm surge modelling. Cross-disciplinary approaches, such as the workshop will foster, can offer innovative solutions to coastal risks including impact-based forecasting, coastal management and planning, and the role of natural protection.

The workshop will be held at the Hilton Hotel, Liverpool between 11–15 September 2017.

Event dates: 
Monday 11 September 2017 - 08:30 to Friday 15 September 2017 - 15:30