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Marine Systems Modelling
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My research interests concern the development of numerical ice/ocean models to understand the mechanisms of the ocean and sea ice variability in the Arctic, Nordic Seas, and Antarctica, and furthermore the implication of the polar oceans variability for the Climate.

My expertise includes:

  • elaboration of the complex numerical sea ice dynamical-thermodynamical models and coupling this models with horizontal resolution ranging from coarse resolution ocean models (GOLDSTEIN, GENIE) to very-high resolution ocean models (1/4° and 1/12° OCCAM)
  • study of the sea ice dynamics and ice rheology with the focus on anisotropic behaviour of sea ice on the geophysical scale. This involves both the theoretical approach and field experiments
  • research in thermomechanics of sea ice I took part in several high-latitude expeditions in the Arctic and Siberian Shelf Seas carrying out the in-situ study of sea ice and ocean.

I gained BA, then MSc in Fluid Dynamics, from the State Technical University of St. Petersburg (1981–1987), followed by a period as Junior Research Associate, Research Associate, and Senior Research Associate at the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute of St. Petersburg (1987–1996), after which I received a PhD in Polar Oceanography from Cambridge University (1996–1999).