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Tobias joined the NOC in February 2023 from the Brazilian Navy Hydrography Center. During his time in the Brazilian Navy, he was the Head of the Operational Oceanography Division, being responsible for managing several oceanography projects, including the National Buoys Program (PNBOIA), the Consolidation for the Development of the National Meteoceanographic Buoy (REMObs) and the Program to Support the Maintenance of the Scientific infrastructure of the RV Vital de Oliveira.

About PNBOIA, it is the largest operational data collection program in Brazil, which aims to maintain a network of moored metocean buoys, drifters and ARGO floats along the coast of Brazil.

For several years, he was the Official Representative for Brazil in international programs in UNESCO, World Meteorological Organization, and International Oceanographic Commission: ARGO Program, Global Drifter Program, and Data Buoy Cooperation Panel.

He was the only developer of the open-source app OCEANO.LIVE, which shows in real-time all the meteorological and oceanographic data available for the South Atlantic. This site is used by the Brazilian Navy as an official system for validating bad weather and storm surge warnings.

Tobias’ interests include:

  • Data analytics, including Big Data processing
  • Data visualization
  • Operational Oceanography