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Svetlana is a sea level scientist working at the Marine Systems Modelling group, National Oceanography Centre (NOC), UK. She is an internationally acknowledged sea level expert, a Lead Author of Chapter 13 (Sea Level Change), Working group 1, Fifth Assessment report of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (AR5 IPCC), 2010-2013.  Svetlana specialises in the synthesis of observations and models to develop our understanding of physical mechanisms for global and regional sea level rise and variability, their impact in coastal areas, changes in tropical cyclones in warming climate and extreme sea levels. She provides leadership and vision for sea level studies at NOC. Dr Jevrejeva engages with stakeholders, policy makers and the international scientific community to translate advances in sea level science into impact and bring societal benefit. She spent two years (sabbatical) in Singapore, leading the National Sea Level Programme of Singapore and providing scientific advice to the Singapore government about adaptation to sea level rise.

Scientific interests:

  • Impact of climate change and sea level rise in coastal areas
  • Development of climate services
  • Future sea level rise projections (global, regional and local)
  • Changes in extreme sea levels and their link to climate change
  • Sea level response to geoengineering solutions
  • Sea level reconstructions using tide gauge data, back to 1700