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Ocean BioGeosciences
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I’m an ecosystem modeller studying effects of climate change and other anthropogenic stressors in oceans and lakes. I have 11 years of experience in this field, working on marine, coastal and freshwater ecosystems. I apply diverse modelling approaches (ranging from 0D to 3D models) to understand how aquatic food webs respond to different stressors (such as climate warming, ocean acidification, eutrophication, hypoxia, pollutant and overfishing). With these, I investigate how organism-level responses (particularly autotrophic and heterotrophic) scale up to ecosystem level effects. Further, I apply coupled physical-biogeochemical model systems to predict how global changes will affect future state of marine and lake ecosystems. I’m also interested in data assimilation approaches to ecosystem modelling. I use sequential and inverse methods for model calibration and parameter identification. 


My specific research interests are as following:

  1. Interactive effects of multiple stressors in oceans
  2. Cascading effects in marine and lake ecosystems
  3. Trait-based approaches to phytoplankton and zooplankton dynamics
  4. Virus – phytoplankton dynamics 
  5. Marine snow and aggregation dynamics
  6. Microplastic pollution

I believe aquatic ecology and socio-economics are tightly coupled, and therefore I’m equally interested in studying how changes in our water bodies affect human society and local & global economy. I always encourage and welcome a broader participation in scientific research as my core philosophy is “world is one family”.