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Marine Systems Modelling




I am an ocean dynamicist with interests in the full range of spatial scales, from turbulent to planetary. My research to date has covered turbulence at ice shelf-ocean interface, submesoscale eddy dynamics in the surface mixed layer, topographic interaction and ice shelf cavity circulation. I have a broad experience in numerical modelling with MITgcm and NEMO,  both configuring simulations and developing functionality.


2023-Present | National Oceanography Centre | Modelling Scientist

2020-2023 | University of Reading | PDRA

2018-2020 | British Antarctic Survey | PDRA

2014-2018 | British Antarctic Survey/University of Southampton | PhD


PhD | Josephine Anselin | BAS/University of Cambridge :: 2021- Present


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Patmore, R. D., P. R. Holland, D. R. Munday, A. C. Naveira Garabato, D. P. Stevens, and M. P. Meredith, 2019: Topographic Control of Southern Ocean Gyres and the Antarctic Circumpolar Current: A Barotropic Perspective. J. Phys. Oceanogr., 49, 3221–3244,

Patmore, R. D., 2018: Topographic control of Southern Ocean gyres and the Antarctic Circumpolar Current. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Southampton, 176 pp,