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Marine Autonomous and Robotic Systems
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Research interests

  • Marine Law in particular Parts XIII and XIV of UNCLOS, establishment of ABNJs, Polar Code
  • Marine Policy – Transfer of Marine Technology, use of marine autonomy, governance of the oceans, UNIPCLOS process, role of the IOC
  • Operational Oceanography the policy and legal regimes governing operational oceanography
  • Defense Marine Science – marine science as it applies to all aspects underwater warfare and GEOINT
  • Underwater Sound – the legal regime governing underwater sound
  • Underwater Cultural Heritage – marine archeological research as an equivalent of marine scientific research, all aspects of the underwater cultural heritage convention
  • Arctic Geo-Politics – the militaristic of the Arctic
  • Operational Management of Marine Autonomous Systems – Establishment of procedures for the safe operations of marine autonomous systems in delivering marine scientific research
  • Marine Autonomy – Legal regime of marine autonomy, codes of practice, codes of conduct, use of marine autonomy for delivering capacity building in UK OT and SIDS


  • Marine Law
  • Marine Policy
  • Operational Oceanography
  • Defense Marine Science
  • Underwater Sound
  • Underwater Cultural Heritage
  • Arctic Geo-Politics
  • Operational Management Marine Autonomous Systems
  • Marine Autonomy