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Marine Physics and Ocean Climate



I’m a SENSE Earth Observation CDT PhD student with the aim to: develop a comprehensive picture of the Arctic hydrological cycle and its components. This will be accomplished through the following objectives:

  • Identify the key processes controlling Arctic freshwater storage and transport
  • Use SSS and altimetry data to develop a visualization of Arctic Ocean circulation and freshwater storage
  • Apply satellite observations of the previously identified key components (e.g., precipitation (GPM), sea ice freshwater flux and river run-off (altimetry, SWOT)) to understand their impact on AO circulation and freshwater storage with consideration for the contribution of land soil moisture, freezing state (e.g., from SMOS), and land ice to river discharge
  • Use interactions between these components to understand the causes of observed changes and their implications on the Arctic hydrological system
  • Compare and validate findings with reanalysis and model output to ensure consistency and determine if trends and interactions present in satellite data are evident over longer timescales


PhD project title: Changing Arctic: Estimation of freshwater changes over the full Arctic basin including land and ocean from satellite observations


Principal Supervisor: Adrien Martin

Co-supervisors: Simon Josey, Athanasios Angeloudis, Alice Marzocchi


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2016–2020: MSci Oceanography, University of Southampton