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- the global carbon and freshwater cycles and the dynamics and biogeochemical processes affecting them
- variability of the air-sea flux of carbon and its subsequent accumulation, transport and storage over multiple timescales (from hour-to-hour to multiple centuries)
- extracting the natural and anthropogenic components from the modern signal and how variability in ocean circulation and the oceanic uptake and storage of heat affects these processes
- the ocean as a means to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, whether through alkalinity enhancement or other means

I investigate the above primarily through observations of the inorganic carbon system, dissolved nutrients and oxygen, and carbon and oxygen isotopes, using both discrete and underway seawater analyses, and the deployment of autonomous biogeochemical sensors, samplers, and robotic platforms. 

ACTIVE AREAS OF RESEARCH (see projects page)
- the accumulation of natural, contemporary and anthropogenic carbon in the North Atlantic through air-sea fluxes and ocean transports
- the contribution of the Gulf Stream to the the North Atlantic carbon sink and biological carbon pump
- the impact of circulation variability on carbon fluxes
- nutrient transports into the Atlantic, from the Arctic and Southern Oceans

We're always looking for good potential PhD students to work on our projects, both those with and without funding already secured, so please get in touch or look at available opportunities

Also, we currently have a number of open-ended Chemical Oceanography / Marine Biogeochemistry positions within our group, please follow the link to the NOC Careers portal to find out more about the roles and how to apply.

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