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Emeritus Fellow
Marine Physics and Ocean Climate
mas at
+44 (0)23 8059 6414



Satellite oceanography

Measuring salinity from space, including involvement in the SMOS mission. Radar altimeter measurements of waves. Rain’s effect on altimetry and the estimation of rain from satellite sensors. Sea state bias in radar altimeter height measurements. Use of GNRR-S to measure surface roughness.

Agulhas and Madagascar Current systems

As revealed by altimetry, SST, ocean colour and models, and in situ observations (ship-based and moorings). Particular interest in the Madagascar bloom, including the relationship between biology and mesoscale eddies.

Biological-physical interactions in the upper ocean

Studying plankton patchiness using ship-based and satellite observations, including surface to subsurface links. Assimilation of data into biological models. Near real-time assimilation of cruise data into a biological-physical model. Application of dynamical systems and synchronisation theory to plankton patchiness. Adaptive unstructured grid modelling of biological-physical interactions (with Imperial College).

Surface waves, rogue waves and wave breaking.

Theory, observations, statistics, including waves on Titan. Microseisms and what they can tell us about surface waves.

Rapid climate change (RAPID)

Science coordinator of the Rapid Climate Change programme (2001 to present)

Science coordinator Changing North Atlantic (CNA) programme (2020 to present)