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Ocean Technology and Engineering
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I am a Principal Investigator in the Ocean Technology and Engineering Group having stepped down as group head to set up a start up company (ClearWater Sensors Ltd) exploiting my and colleagues inventions of in situ chemical sensors using lab on chip technology.

My research interests include the development of environmental measurement systems including the development of new chemical sensors and sensors for microbiology. I have a particular interest in the development of microsensors using either or both microfabrication and microfluidics. This has led to the development of a suite of sensors for nutrients, carbonate system parameters, trace metals, organic nutrients, pathogens, phytoplankton, hydrocarbons, pollutants and toxins.


  • Development and generation of research ideas and technology development programmes
  • Microfluidic Systems Design
  • Sensor Design
  • Metrology of complex parameters
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Multidisciplinary Engineering
  • Innovation, exploitation and IP management
  • Management of teams and technical programmes