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Marine Physics and Ocean Climate



Research Interests

  • Ocean circulation and dynamics
  • Hydrographic and circulation changes over the past 4 decades in the North Atlantic and shelf seas
  • The biogeochemical consequences of the changing circulation and hydrography in the North Atlantic

Field Experience

  • RAPID cruise JC192, March 2020, RRS James Cook.

Scientific outreach and engagement

  • Involved in a project to create a 3D "virtual tour" of the RRS James Cook. View the RRS James Cook virtual tour
  • Co-authored a Challenger Wave article on the JC192 RAPID cruise. This also featured as part of the University of Southampton's "Exploring Our Oceans" MOOC blog. Read the article here.
  • Previously volunteered at the NOC's former Ocean and Earth Day
  • Volunteered at University of Southampton (NOCS) open events
  • Part of the joint NOC-University of Southampton Physical Oceanography seminar series organising team