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Marine Physics and Ocean Climate
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¡Hola! Hi!

I am Marta Payo Payo,  a research scientist at the National Oceanography Centre where I work at coast, at the interface between land, ocean and people.

My research focuses on coastal hazards and on transport processes, and spans river-influenced coastal environments, shelf-slope environments, and the deep sea. I have 10+ years of experience working with numerical models to understand hydrodynamics and transport processes in coastal environments and submarine canyons under anthropogenic impacts including climate change. Lately I'm more interested on how natural habitats can help make our coastal systems more resilient to climate change and human activities. 

I believe that engaging people in science empowers people, avoids loss of scientific talent, and ensures future innovation. I enjoy science communication (open days, science fairs, BlueDot festival, Pint of Science) and together with other scientists have established collaborations with artists and social scientists trying to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and general knowledge.