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I am an experimental geoscientist with wide-ranging experience in hydrogeomechanical, geophysical and geochemical techniques and proven skills in water-engineering. I use these skills to expand the Marine Geoscience group (MG-NOC) research expertise into climate change mitigation and cleaner energy strategies, including CO2-seawater-rock interactions underground during CO2 storage, reservoirs characterization/monitoring during production/injection activities and seafloor minerals and energy resources quantification. I lead and develop an interdisciplinary research strategy that includes designing multisensory experimental setups, generating comprehensive datasets and coding novel software for data interpretation, to generate cutting-edge outcomes for multiple projects funded by EPSRC, NERC, EU and Research Council of Norway.

In October 2013, I joined NOC as Band 6-PDRA to conduct geophysical-hydromechanical experiments for the EPSRC-DiSECCS project. During two years I upgraded the NOC rock-physics laboratory to satisfy project requirements, co-inventing prototypes (patent NCB74936P.GBA) and releasing software (FoMPeCa®). In 2015-2016, I commenced designing complex experiments to enable studying overpressure scenarios during CO2 storage, initiating my transition towards an independent researcher as MG-NOC Co-I of EU-STEMM-CCS and NERC-CHIMNEY. Since January 2018, I hold a personal UKRI-NPIF Research Fellowship as open-ended MG-NOC staff (Band 5-PDRA since July 2019).