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My principal research interests lie in the field of microbial plankton ecology, physiology and the role of the bacteria, phytoplankton and zooplankton on the marine carbon cycling. I have worked on the coupling, or uncoupling, between primary production and respiration processes and the influence of the community structure and environmental variables, such as temperature and dissolved organic matter, on the metabolic balance. My recent projects have involved research cruises, as well as microcosm and mesocosm experiments in the laboratory with cultured bacteria, phytoplankton and zooplankton organisms and natural plankton communities.


Current PDRA and PhD students

Florence Atherden (National Oceanography Centre - 2023)

James Gallagher (National Oceanography Centre - University of Southampton, 2022-) working on environmental drivers of mixotrophy and its impact on the plankton metabolic balance

Dominic Dennis (University of East Anglia, 2022-) working on the synthesis of fluororescent tetrazolium salts

Completed Master students

Emily Condie (2021), MSc Thesis: Effects of the dissolved organic matter leached from plastic on plankton metabolism


I welcome enquiries from potential MSc and PhD students.

You can also find me on ORCID (0000-0003-4807-3287) and my personal Twitter account is @e_garciamartin