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Marine Physics and Ocean Climate
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Dougal is a coastal oceanographer based at NOC in Liverpool working on the observation of hydrodynamics and sediment dynamics. His interests are in cohesive sediment dynamics and bedforms, tidal flats, coastal engineering and remote sensing, with the aim of improving characterisation of mixed sediment in the marine environment.

Previous work at Marine Scotland as part of the Oceanography Group included extensive survey work in Scottish waters, running near real-time systems for data collection and the management of the resulting data. This experience has come in useful in helping construct GPS-Iridium tracked drifters for the SOLSTICE project and as a member of fieldwork teams for the COHBED and BLUEcoast projects. Currently I am working on the BLUEcoast project (, focusing on the sediment dynamics of tidal flats in Morecambe Bay.

Key topics

  • Sediment dynamics
  • Small-scale hydrodynamics
  • Tidal flats
  • Oceanographic instrumentation