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Marine Physics and Ocean Climate
dgwynevans at
+44 (0)23 8059 5948



Research Interests

  • Physical oceanographer interested in the dynamics of the ocean on a range of spatial and temporal scales.
  • The roles of diabatic and adiabatic process in driving the global overturning circulation using water mass transformation frameworks.
  • Flow-topography interactions and their roles in modulating the global ocean energy budget.
  • Estimating the turbulent dissipation rate from ocean gliders.

Field Experience

  • RAPID Eastern Boundary (PSO) - RRS Discovery : Recovery and deployment of RAPID eastern boundary moorings.
  • MeRMEED (PSO) - R/V Walton Smith: Using microstructure profilers and ocean gliders to measure turbulence where mesocale eddies interact with steep and rough topography. Western subtropical Atlantic, 3 cruises, 2016-2018.
  • DIMES UK4 - RRS James Clark Ross: Vertical microstructure profiler deployment, CTD and mooring deployments. South Atlantic, 2013.
  • BATS and Hydrostation 'S' (PSO) - R/V Atlantic Explorer: CTD, ADCP, deployment of autonomous floats and Lagrangian drifting arrays. Monthly cruises, 2009-2012.
  • Great Belt Cruise - R/V Melville: CTD, DIC/Alkalinity. South Atlantic, 2011. 


  • University of Southampton faculty of environmental and life sciences Dean’s Award for outstanding contributions in research - 2018.