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Marine Physics and Ocean Climate
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I am a Research Scientist in the Marine Physics and Climate Group at the National Oceanography Centre, working primarily with our Autonomous Underwater Vehicle fleet of Gliders.
I have a strong multidisciplinary background and am interested in understanding biophysical interactions. I am particularly interested in using gliders to investigate oxygen depletion and dynamics in the coastal and shelf sea, and how this might respond to a changing climate. I have experience in working out how best to use and correct oxygen optodes that have been deployed on gliders.

My background is in biological oceanography, with expertise in quantifying vertical biogeochemical fluxes in shelf seas. I have experience working with physical and biogeochemical data from observations, experiments and numerical models. My research to date has included quantifying vertical oxygen fluxes in the shelf sea using gliders, as well as calculating the nitrate turbulently supplied to phytoplankton via wind-driven inertial oscillations and the internal tide mixing.