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Marine Physics and Ocean Climate



Previosuly I have worked at the University of Reading within the Remote Sensing group. I used Ladnsat 8 and ASTER data and worked on improving cloud cover in the coastal regions for the SLSTR instrument onboard Sentinel 3.

I am now a member of the Surface Processes group at NOC. My current focus is the surface flux dataset as well as the surface variables dataset, with the main focus on data gridding.

I work mainly in Python. If you have any Python queries or are looking into developing / sharing Python code - feel free to contact me. I also have basic knowledge of Matlab and Fortran.


My publications:

Faulkner, Agnieszka, Claire E. Bulgin, and Christopher J. Merchant. "Coastal tidal effects on industrial thermal plumes in satellite imagery." Remote Sensing 11.18 (2019): 2132.

Faulkner, Agnieszka, Claire E. Bulgin, and Christopher J. Merchant. "Characterising industrial thermal plumes in coastal regions using 3-D numerical simulations." Environmental Research Communications 3.4 (2021): 045003.

Claire E. Bulgin, Agnieszka Faulkner, Christopher J. Merchant, Gary K. Corlett, Niall McCarroll, Owen Embury, Edward Polehampton "Improved use of reflectance imagery for ocean and coastal cloud detection for the Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer" Remote Sensing of Environment (in review)