Projects by Suitable First Degree

A seismic study of the continent-ocean transition southwest of the UK
Assessing sedimentary Blue Carbon to inform marine management *
Connecting the world: Subsea cable risks in the Polar Seas *
Controls on organic carbon transport and burial in deep-sea basins in the Atlantic Ocean
Desert dune avalanche processes in modern and ancient environments
Developing new tool to use remote geophysical data for sediment characterisation and assist geohazard detection
Does organic carbon burial explain the ‘greenhouse’ to ‘icehouse’ transition?
Does temperature drive enhanced carbon cycling in Holocene lake sediments?
Earthquakes, faulting and fluid flow during continental extension
Echinoderm resilience to past climate change and mass extinction
Ecosystem engineering in past and future reefs
Evolution of symbiosis in a warming world
Geochemical signatures of mantle magmatism in plume-ridge contexts: a long-distance relationship
Geochronology of ridge flank hydrothermal contributions to global biogeochemical cycles
Improving the projection of gravel barrier transgression impacts
Intercomparison of Inlet Dynamics over annual and decadal timescales *
Interconnections of past greenhouse climates: lessons for the future
It’s getting hot, sour and breathless – impacts of climate change on carbon(ate) fixation by foraminifera
Macroecological patterns and climate change in abyssal seafloor communities *
Microplastics and carbon sequestration: identifying links and impacts
Novel ocean sensing using seafloor telecommunications cables for geohazards and environmental monitoring
Ocean deoxygenation and marine biodiversity in warm ancient climates
Polar amplification of climate change in the past and future
Reconciling geotechnical and seismic data to accelerate green energy developments offshore *
Reconstructing major volcanic eruptions from their deep-sea records *
Reconstructing the history of submarine volcanoes using sediment biogeochemistry and modelling
Seismo-acoustic properties of sea-ice and applications to climate monitoring.
The Acid Test – high-resolution records of climate change across the PETM and other hyperthermals
Tracking nutrient and metal exchange during Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement *
Understanding variability in Earth’s climate and magnetic field using new archives from the Iberian Margin