Projects by Suitable First Degree

Adaptation mechanisms of globally successful cyanobacteria *
Associations between baleen whales and their prey in the northern Scotia Arc
Behavioural impact of environmental pollutants and parasites in gammarid amphipods
Computational Fluid Dynamic investigation and optimization of biomass production using vertical stacking units
Developing a practical application of unmanned aerial vehicle technologies for conservation research and monitoring of endangered wildlife *
Dissecting the microbial foodweb: determining the influence of phytoplankton derived organic matter substrates on bacterial growth efficiency
Dynamic phytoplankton iron physiology and its impacts on global ecosystem function
Effective monitoring of deep-sea fauna using towed cameras *
Examining the evolutionary loss of calcification in coccolithophores
Explaining process, pattern and dynamics of marine predator hotspots in the Southern Ocean
Holocene reconstruction of terrestrial habitats and dispersal pathways in the Antarctic Peninsula and sub-Antarctic Islands
How will microplastics affect marine copepods and their contributions to global biogeochemical cycles?
Interaction between gelatinous zooplankton and microplastics in the Southern Ocean
Investigating the determinants of woody vegetation encroachment in African drylands
Microplastics and carbon sequestration: identifying links and impacts
Modelling the evolution of adaptive responses to climate change across spatial landscapes
Nitrogen cycling in the subsurface biosphere – an analogue for early life on Earth
Quantifying the status and success on restored native oyster Ostrea edulis beds in the Solent
Size matters: how does microplastic and nanoplastic size influence their abundance and toxicity in the aquatic environment?
SOS for plant stress – the role of singlet oxygen signaling in plant stress responses
Temporal variability of the carbon system across the Atlantic Ocean; causes and implications
The biology of Mesozoic birds
Thermal sensitivity of field metabolic rates of marine fishes across global latitude gradients
Understanding freshwater fish response to light: enhancing opportunities for conservation *
Unravelling the environmental interactions of subsea communication cables using Autonomous Robotic Survey Data and Deep Learning *
What does it take to survive in the future ocean? A comparative study on the adaptive potential of fish to ocean acidification *
What drives monsoon climate and droughts over East Asia and the Western Pacific Ocean?
What the flux? Assessing the global ocean biological carbon pump
Where did all the Carbon go? Understanding and predicting carbon inventories in coarse sediments